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Located in St Louis MO

Welcome to Tip Cake. Thinking about a new WordPress web site? Or considering converting your existing web site into WordPress? My name is Jeremy Cointin and I'm a professional web developer specializing in WordPress.

When it comes to anything involving WordPress I can help. I have a great amount of experience building themes from scratch. I have written many plugins for a variety of purposes and built custom member login platforms for high traffic sites.

I have even built Geo location based gaming sites as well as Geo location based tracking systems for moving targets.

So what ever your web site needs or goals I can help.

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This is me. I’ve been programing over 10 years now. Full time a little over four years at Studio 2108. I really love what I do. I can honestly say there is nothing else I’d rather do. There is something about front end web development that I really love. I love it so much that it is basically all I do. People ask me what I do when I get home…. what do I do on the weekends. ….. and it’s THIS. I do it professionally and go home and get right back on the computer and work on personal interest projects. I love it.

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Jeremy: (314) 657-7421