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How much does a general web site cost?
Everything in the web world is measured in time. There are three basic broad category steps to building a web site.

Step 1. Design Mock up with revisions ( 5 days or 40 hours )
Step 2. Template Build ( 5 days or 40 hours generally but can increase with functionality needs )
Step 3. Page content population ( 40 minutes per page ) so 20 page site averages 14 hours

All together a general basic site build with 20 pages here will cost $6,580

Now … the more of these steps you cut the lower the cost. For instance. If you find a web design you like on the internet somewhere … or simply pick a template look in a place like here … Themeforest then you can quickly cut out Step one removing $2,800.

Then … since you are using WordPress and the whole idea of WordPress is to allow you ( the client ) the ability to update and edit pages and posts yourself … You could just agree to populate the 20 pages yourself. Or have someone on your end do that. That will cut $980.

That will leave you with simply $2,800. Not bad huh?

Now there are odds and ends stuff not accounted for here, like page content and images. The above example assumes you have page content “verbiage” and images already. If not I can use stock photos ( prices vary ). I can take pictures for you ( hourly rate is the same ). I can even find a writer for you.